Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme Information

Information for the permit scheme is available from the Scout Association website.

The adventurous activity permit scheme is an internal assessment scheme designed to ensure that all those leading adventurous activities for young people within Scouting have the skills, experience and personal suitability to do so.

Full details of the adventurous activity permit scheme can be found on the Scout Association Adventurous activity permit scheme web page. This includes the application form, factsheets for applicants, commissioners and assessors, plus activity specific factsheets.

When making an application please include all relevant logged experience. To help there are blank log books on the Scout Association Adventurous activity permit scheme web page, or any other versions you may have.


Hampshire Activity Instructor & Activity Permit Assessment Grant Scheme

There are grants available to those involved with Hampshire Scouts and interested in gaining National Governing Body qualifications in leading activities or an Adventurous Activity Permit.

The activities don’t have to be within the remit of the Adventurous Activity Permit scheme if wanting to do a NGB course, for example, the grant scheme is also open to those wishing to lead activities in rifle shooting and archery. For more information and application form go to the Grant Scheme page on the Hampshire Scouting website.


National Funding

Funding is available to help anyone within Scouting wishing to attend a permit assessment course, to gain an adventurous activity permit.

This funding pays 50% of the course fee for the assessment course (not National Governing Body Courses) leading to an applicant gaining an activity permit. It also pays 50% of travel costs for these courses.

In return for this funding, applicants are required to carry out their role of an activity permit holder running activities for a minimum of two years.

Applications for this funding should be sent to your District Commissioner using the application form, on completion of the course.

For more information go to Scout Association activities assessment funding.


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