Do you have you any photographs from an HSMT course ?

Visitors, or those looking for a course, coming to our website like to see what HSMT get up to on their courses so we would welcome any photographs you have taken, whilst on one of our courses, that we can publish on our website.

If you are about to attend one of our courses then think about our request when you get home and send us a few photos to share with others.

One or two photos may be suitable to send by email, however if you have more then it may be more convenient to upload your photos to cloud storage, i;e dropbox, google drive etc and email the link to HSMT Admin.

Ideally they should be in digital format, preferably in JPEG (.jpg) format, but we can handle most formats used by digital cameras.

Please indicate which course the photographs are from.

Photo credits will be given to the photographer.



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